An invention that helps people who can’t speak communicate their needs at the push of a button.

how it works

Dustin’s Words provides people who can’t speak an easy way to send simple text messages over a distance, which helps both the caregiver and the person using the device have a little more independence.
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    push a

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    txt sends
    over wi-fi

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From Prototype
for One...

In 2014, Matt built a device to help his non-verbal, autistic brother communicate his wants and needs with their mother for the first time ever. He named the device after his brother–Dustin’s Words.

Dustin uses the device his brother built for him to tell his mother when he’s hungry, when he has a migraine, and even when he wants to get out of the house for a ride on his scooter.

To A Product
for Many

We want to transform Dustin’s Words, a prototype designed for one person, into a consumer-level product and platform available to help many. We’re designing, developing, and testing several iterations of Dustin’s Words with other people with non-verbal autism in order to land on a low-cost solution that we can scale for consumer-level consumption.

Along with the physical product, we plan to develop an easy-to- use web tool that caregivers can use to customize their device.
A prototype photo of Dustin's Words with a play button on top of it that will luanch a video player. The video talks in more detail about the inception of the version 1 prototype.

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